Festival goes on as a smashing success!

Over 1,000 people came to see the first day of the 7th annual Picklewater Free Circus Festival last Sunday.
This Sunday June 22nd, 2014 we continue with Clownsnotbombs and The Family Sardine at 2pm!

Come see us for free at Union Square, and if you are interested in hosting the festival in your town in the coming year, please contact us at the link at the bottom of this page!

See you all on Sunday at San Francisco’s Union Square!

Circus Festival Starts THIS WEEKEND (and thoughts on Modern Eccentric Dance)

Before we get to the meat of the post, Modern Eccentric Dance, we wanted to remind everyone

Come one and all, big and small to the 2014 season of clowning, hula hoops, contortion, music, unicycles and acrobats and so much more at the Picklewater Free Circus Festival as Union Square Live presents a month of free Sunday shows.

June 15th with Coventry and Kaluza and the Sardine Family Circus

June 22th With Gennie and Audrey’s Dream Show, Clowns Not Bombs and the Sardine Family Circus

June 29th with The Sardine Family Circus and Guests

July 6th with Circus Bella and Guests

All that said, let’s talk about Eccentric Dance! When I think of Eccentric Dance, one of the key elements of theatrical clown, I think of Frank Bush, George Carl, Bill Irwin, but those are just my personal tastes. For a real run down on what eccentric dance is, you can’t do any better than Dancer/Choreographer/Legend Betsy Baytos’ website.

It’s a form that has always fascinated me, and something I have always wished I had more background in. That said, here are a couple of artists, one a choreographer director combo, and one a dancer working with EDM (electronic dance music) to do some really amazing/hilarious eccentric dance that both nods to the rubber legs moves of vaudeville and mixes in tons of modern, hip-hop and ethnic folk styles as well.

Check out the videos for DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” and this amazing piece choreographed to the song “Pumped up kicks” danced by Marquese Scott. The Dj Snake video literally made me cry from laughter, whereas Marquese Scott just does some amazing rubber leg and point work.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and please share any other eccentric dance clips modern or classic, that move you, and come see us the next 4 Sundays in a row at San Francisco’s Union Square for the Picklewater Free Circus Festival 2014!

Picklewater Industries 7th Anniversary

Though we have been at it for around 10 years now, this March 1st is the official 7th anniversary of Picklewater Industries and the 3rd anniversary of the Picklewater Clown Cabaret!

In the last 7 years we have performed for literally hundreds of thousands of people, produced over 50 stage shows shows and  almost 1000 private events.

We have performed for children, families, lawyers, executives, artists, athletes, newborns, the elderly and the infirm. We have worked with amazing corporate partners like SONY, Main Street Media, SPIE, and MJM Management, and done countless free shows, bringing the best in circus arts to Bay Area children and families. We have also raised a small nest egg here and there to aid our local arts community in times of need, and we have grown and grown year by year along with  our community.

We only have one person to thank for this. You. You and you alone ( and of course you, and you and you and … etc) You are our audience, and our supporters and our collaborators and our clients. You have made us into the premier theatrical circus production company in the Bay Area, and we are indebted to you for that. We hope over the next 7 years we can repay that debt as we continue to grow and refine and spread the joy of traditional one ring New American Circus wherever we go!

Hoping to see you again, very soon!

Gherkin Picklewater

Picklewater Industries