Picklewater On Demand

Picklewater Industries produces theatrical circus shows. From large scale traditional one-ring circuses to “walk around” entertainment characters to film/television work, Picklewater can provide you with brilliant performers.

What follows is a basic outline of our general fees. These prices are a guideline and are determined by the availability of different performers, the nature of the event, packaging discounts and the particular requirements of the event or venue.

Basic Ambient “Walk Around” Performers
(Ringmaster, Clowns, Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, Acrobats, Magicians, Contortionists, Unicyclists, etc.)
Ambient stage or stationary performance may run at a higher rate.
Individual Stage Acts
Individual stage acts in any of the above disciplines will vary
per act, depending on skill level, number of performers and rigging difficulty.
Ensemble Circus Stage Shows
Shows are typically 30 minutes to an hour in length and consist of multiple circus apparatus, live music, juggling and physical juggling acrobatics.
Fully Produced One Ring Circus Spectacular
Shows run around an hour in length, and include a broad variety of disciplines, e.g. aerial acts, slack rope, contortion, group juggling, acrobatics, clowns, live music, etc. Shows can be staged in a traditional circus environment with ring curb and backdrops. Includes multiple performances.

* Special Costuming requests, travel,room and board and rigging of equipment are not included in these fees.

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Our performer pool is comprised of hundreds of individuals, acts, and numerous ensemble groups. We can provide the full gamut of New American Circus style performance, including but not limited to:

  • Photo of contortionist
    Mongolian Contortion
  • Photo of man jumping through stacked hoops
    Ensemble Acrobatics
  • Photo of woman with accordion on balance board
    Rolla Bolla
  • Photos of couple with hula hoops
    Hula Hoops
  • Photo of two people walking on stilts
  • Photo of group holding unicycles
    Unicyclists, Trick Bicycle Acts
  • Photo of girl looking warily at zombie
    Clown, character and mascot work, effects make up and Zombies!
  • Juggling
  • Photo of woman hanging on trapeze
    Aerial Dance, Tissu, Trapeze, Spanish Web, Lyra, and Aerial Duos
  • Photo of woman eating fire
    Sideshow Acts, Glass Eating, Bed of Nails, Blockhead, Mental Gloss, Fire Breathing
  • Photo of man pulling a rabbit from a hat
    Stage, Comedy and Close Up Magic
  • One Man Bands, Circus Music, Carolers, and ambient music
    One Man Bands, Circus Music, Carolers, and ambient music


The list of our performers’ abilities is always changing and mind-bogglingly endless. Be sure to check in with us about your interests.